Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Thankful

As many know (hopefully) this past Thursday was Thanksgiving so i decided to make myself a little list of the things that I am thankful for ^_^:

1. God- For being my everything
2. My Family for supporting me in all ways
3. My buddy Ashley for being my favourite ^_^
4. Chipotle for being the burrito of my life (yea, it made 4 :P)
5. bicycles for saving my life O.O
6. Pocky for being so delicious
7. The first snow of the year for making me smile
8. my cameras from capturing my life
9.The UK for consisting of AMAZING accents (lol- yes! all of you ^_^)
10. America for electing BARACK OBAMA as my brand spankin' new President =D

i think that's a good list right there ^_^
on another note, i would like to say that i did end up watching Twilight the other night and it was ridiculous :P
i'm not going to like Robert Pattinson(is that how u spell it O.o? w/e...) is pretty good looking and he seems a of it which i think is cute so =3
but that movie- can someone explaine to me why anyone would explain to me why anyone would want an Edward Collwen??? (is that how u spell it???? u kno, i really don't care :P)
he's a stalker, he wants to drink her blood, he almost killed her, blah blah blah (the list could go on) but ALL of this should be ok because you know what, he is pretty darn good looking

Wah Waaaah :P

i'm sorry, i'm not sure if that would be worth it
but i think i undserstand the whole making out/vampire mix- ooo dangerous ;)

ok well that's all from me, my mother is naging me to start getting ready for church/ the plane

Peacing it <3

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