Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Miss Sixty is my new Love

Yesterday i was having a conversation with my boss and like i am currently situated in Michigan, he started ranting about all the problems the state was facing. From what i got from him and other Michiganders that i have spoken to, Michigan is a state that has been stabilized by the automotive industry- especially GM. Even before the recession, Michigan had been suffering from job loss and the like. Because of the loss of industry in Michigan we find more of the younger generation going to school here and leaving or just leaving for school and a jobs entirely.
My boss asked me the question 'what do you think is Michigan's biggest money maker now a days?' I said i didn't know and he responded 'exactly! we don't have one. The only other thing that could be a possibility is education.'

I told him that i feel like Michigan should use their education to invest in their young people (eww i sound ooooold :P). For example, if Michigan's good universities make instate tuition low **EDIT* Someone called me out on it so i really meant to say 'made instate tuition EVEN LOWER'*and give their graduating s
tudents stepping stones to start building new industries (starting with alternative fuels lets just say...), there would be a nice group of young professionals who now have a reason to stay in Michigan. And that new young work force will be able to start the mending process.

I think Michigan is actually
quite lucky that they do have some good schools. I just don't understand why nobody utilizes it! If any country wants to boost their dying economy or to build an economy at all, it has to be through the education of the next generation. but even more than that, that country has to also make sure that generation ends up coming back and using their knowledge to help instill growth in their own nation. The same for any state.

On a lighter note!!!
I was going through my rounds on the Internet and i realized that i absolutely LOVE Miss Sixty
Lemme show u some of her spring collection that caught my eye ^_^:

I really like this style- but i'm not exactly sure if it falls into what i was going for...
well i guess it kind of does, there's a lot of white and a lot of flow to the material but it's a little less pastel-ey than what i was thinking...

but that's all from me right now
Peacing it <3>

Saturday, February 21, 2009

She's my Idol ^_^

So the past few posts have been very serious and very spaced out. mostly because the times when i did feel like posting something was after a deep thought or a revelation of some kind.

But, going along with my motto. i think one has to always step back from their life hectic lives and just stop for a little while, appreciate the sun that's shinning, the snow that's falling, the rain that's soaking your jeans- let your mind wander, or think nothing at all; take a break!!!! SO! with that being said, i feel like it's time for me to let my mind wonder and as it was wondering, i feel the need to look up pictures of the infamous Agyness Deyn xD **EDIT: So, i guess it's not obvious- Agyness Deyn is a model ;) **

i'm absolutely IN LOVE with her!!! her sense of style is amazing and i love her look and i love...well... everything about her! my goal is to wake up one day and come to the realization that i am a black, shorter version of Agyness =3
Here, proof of the most amazing style ever-

Peacing It <3>

Friday, February 20, 2009

How My People Suffer.

So This semester we are focusing on Globalization and for this assignment that i have, i needed to pick a developing country and record it's MDG goals and blah blah blah...
anyways! i chose, for this specific project my homeland Jamaica *nuf respect* and my friend sent me this video that talks about Jamaica and how it has been impacted by globalization.

The documentary is called Life and Debt: Globalization and Jamaica
It's is by Stephanie Black and it was released in 2001
you can find the video Here
it's a long one (like an 1.5hrs) but it's worth the watch ^_^


just watching this documentary just makes me feel more obligated to go back to Jamaica and help my people. That's my country that's suffering- a nation of strong people; of proud people.
They don't take crap from no one and yet they are forced to do it anyway. In every Jamaican i saw interviewed i could hear an echo of my father. There's real passion and concern and willingness to understand w
hat is going on and to tell everyone you can that you are not ok with this.
Maybe i'm biased but i don't think you see that kind of attitude anywhere else.

Peacing It <3>

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I've been thinking a lot lately

"The fruit of righteousness will be peace; the effect of righteousness will be quietness and confidence forever" Isaiah 32:17

It's taken the whole month of January for God to get it through my head how important it is that i make sure i read his Word every single day.

So I went to church on Sunday and my amazing pastor just so happen to talk about the Bible and it's importance in a Christian's life (you will find a link to the series here- the service i'm talking about is 'The Bible Declassified' i recommend watching the video just because i think it helps to see him as well...and his props and hand gestures :P...). I think it's just funny how God does that sometimes. Like he knew that this was an issue with me and he knew that this has been something that i've been struggling with but just to hear it sometimes makes all the difference. i just had to say "Ok God, i get it! i knoooowww...." but i'm still glad he called me out on it. I am happy to say tho that i have been doing my devotions daily since sunday (i know, i know that's only two days tabby... :P) and that is how i came across the verse above.

If you have been following my blog, you know that i've been feeling awfully tired lately and kind of at a time when i just want to live and exist in peace. This verse just says it to me because it says that you find that peace and that quietness by dwelling in righteousness. Righteousness= Chirst-like and being Christ-like means working on ur relationship with Jesus and through him God (i would explain how i connected everything together but that can easily be a long explanation and i'm not really up for it right now :P). So basically, i can fiiiind that peace and that rest by just dwelling in God! The One thing that i can fully trust to always be there and to keep His Word!!! This is a mess
age that i've heard and has been said many times but i haven't truly understood it until now. And that's why God is amazing- he's just full of surprises ^_^.

On the subject of faith, i have kind of been meditating on the idea of having a dedicated blog for things of God and the Church and my relationship with both. Of course, i don't mean i won't write the occasional Jesus moments here as well but i think it may motivate me more to regularly do my devotions by having a blog there to write about my findings. I'll let you know when it's up and ready :)

On a lighter note!
I said it once (to her) and i'm gonna say it again, I love my buddy Andrea b/c she is my mecca of good music and all that is random :P (her blog page is h
no list today but i must say that i absolutely LOVE this band she introduced me to called +/- (plus/minus)

idk, they're amazing...look it up, NOW!!! O.O (don't worry, i'll give you the usual picture and link)

Their music is pretty off beat and really really chill (some of their songs are too chill for me...) but i do enjoy the song "Steal The Blueprints" and "all i do" while Andrea loves the song "Snowblind"
i dunno, depends on what you like i guess.
***here's the last.fm link as well***

Ok! that was fun!!! now it's time to take a nap
-_- Zzz...

Peacing it <3
*pst...Andrea! now you HAVE to update that thing more often!!! ;D*