Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Brave New World

There are times when I feel like i'm at the center of a collision between my past, present, and future. it's so overwhelming, my mind can't even grasp it. This just happened to me a few days ago. I was reading my International Political Economy book and it's like i was very aware of what i was doing in the context of the interconnected reality i live in. I suddenly realized how small and insignificant I really was and yet I knew that there was a part that I needed to play in the grand scheme of things- but it's only for a split second. Does that happen to anyone else?

But anyway, that wasn't what i was going to blog about.
Francis Fukuyama, the author of Our Post-human Future is coming to my school next week and i've decided i wanted to hear him speak.

i wrote a very long explanation for this but i decided that i didn't want to make that long of blog post. Check out his writing- besides his explanation as to why human nature is something that should be preserved, i pretty much agree with him.

What is Technology but a reminder that man is not God. No matter how many thinner, faster, smarter, cheaper, cell phones come out, every single one of them are more than prone to fail on you. No matter how many steps we take forward in science, the margin of error will always find a way to sprout it's little ugly head. And think about it, we are a slave to technology.

We are a slave to our own creation. My life can take a tragic turn for the worst if my computer and my phone decided to crash. Every time my phone is lost or dead, i cannot function. I can't tell anyone about it, i don't have numbers, i don't have txting, nothing. Every time facebook dies on me, i don't have connections, i have too much time to kill, i can't do anything. God help me if the whole laptop went under- notes? papers? resumes? all in one liable machine.

Being a slave to technology is being a slave to man's failures. And
the worst part is, i don't have to strength or the resources to break away from my bondage. I am forever brought down by the chains of progress. Thank God Jesus is coming back.
I know this a very weird and ironic thing to say on a blog post, but that doesn't mean I hate it any less.

**Rant over**

My favorite song at the moment is In Search Of by Miike Snow
Favorite artist right now? Peggy Sue... AMAZING

I absolutely LOVE it. best Christmas present ever. well that and my new beautiful flannel shirt ^_^

I also got a new skirt. It's not the most flattering thing in the world but i just couldn't look pass this detail (and the sale price :P)