Saturday, February 27, 2010

The People.

It has been a crazy couple of weeks. This week is suppose to be pretty crazy too but hopefully i'm going to be a little more responsible this weekend and get some homework done (and of course, as i'm typing this, i have spent the whole day doing nothing but eating, sleeping, and listening to music).

This Tuesday was the kick-off for my "screamatthecapitol" event.
If you don't know, I've decided that every Tuesday at 4:30pm i'm going to go to my state's capitol and scream.

Why Tabby? that's so random O.o
Yea i know. But i've just been so frustrated with our government recently. I'm so tired of signing petitions, writing letters, and calling senators about issues I care for and my voice being drowned out by special interest groups with heavier wallets, people with prestige or TV shows, and Party bickering. I feel like no matter which party i vote for (Dem or Rep) it's still going to be thrown away because there is no guarantee that my senator is going to reflect the need of his/her state or the whim of his party.

I am so fed up with Congress. If I am not registered as a party member, then obviously i do not believe or trust ether party to do right by me. Never should the polls say that the majority of Americans prefer one thing and congress decide to vote to pass another thing. That is not the democracy our nation was founded on. And I demand change.

Therefore, like no amounts of petitioning or calling or letter writing seem to cut it, I've decided to use my physical voice to get my message across:
STOP rigging my democracy
LISTEN to my voice- the voice that gave you power in the first place
and STOP piggybacking on the ignorance of the American people. Don't make it so hard and unknown for the citizens of this country to get a hold of you and voice their concerns.

I am fed up! and It makes me want to SCREAM.
My dream is for that some time soon, any concerned American will march down to their respective state capitol, host a sit-in, and at 4:30 just scream. Let the People speak for the people- and let them tell the bureaucrats in Washington that we have had enough.

I'm finally back to listening to...not tina turner?... O.o

anyways- the faves:
Favorite Band at the Moment? My Gold Mask.
favorite song? well the one Violet Eyes by My Gold Mask :P

NOT my favorite song of the day? One Time by Justin Beiber.
I dunno, Backstreet and N'sync definitely tops this kid. Please don't let your children/siblings/nieces or nephews listen to this crap.

Did some photos for Amnesty's 10,000 against torture campaign


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm a few days late


Though i had no special someone to spend it with, i still had a good time. My old roommate and I went shopping, dressed up, went out for dinner, and then to dessert. Last year i heard someone say this and since then it's revolutionized my view on Valentines day:
In the end, besides God himself- No one loves me more than me. So I celebrate V Day as a single who loves herself: i buy myself a gift (...or two) and i treat myself to my favorite sugary treats. Who knows what i want more than me right? It's like celebrating your own birthday but it's a lot less pathetic.

I admit that the mindset is a little narcissistic but i think i'm allowed to think about no.1 at least once a year : )

For all my single ladies, I created a flicker set for them- with a collection of photographs i took of a vase of flowers my parents sent me (yea, they're pretty amazing). I put up a bunch of quotes and pick-up lines about the V Day as well. idk, i'm pretty happy with it.

These are my faves:

Song at the moment? honestly- i don't have one for you. I haven't been listening to a lot of music recently. But I'll choose a song from Destroyer: Blue Flower/Blue Flame. actually i'll also put a link up for Your Blood as well (It's has my name in it!!! :D)

Artist at the moment? umm...It's still Tina Turner. i can't help it.

Random Question: Have I just not been paying attention all these years or are news stations reporting more deaths than usual?

Happy (belated) valentines day!


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Did they say...

100% ELECTRIC???!?!?!!

Pinch me, i must be dreaming.

V-day Tomorrow. I have a treat ^_^

Friday, February 12, 2010


I have so much to do for tomorrow, and so little time to do it. I've just given up and decided to blog.

It's been a fairly hard week. Monday i picked up 3 tickets in front of my car, Tuesday i lost my phone in the snow (it fell out of my pocket but someone thankfully found it and gave it back); and Wednesday i lost my favorite orange hat. I would just blame all these things on bad luck but it was just me being an unorganized mess and not handling my possessions responsibly.

For tomorrow i have to turn in a specialization application, read 2 chp. for an honors option, and do two weeks worth of research for my internship. How that will happen i do not know.

Today was alright though. despite being notoriously late for a recitation, i discovered i got a 3.5 on my first essay and was even able t
o bump that up to a 3.6 with some convincing. I also think i found a great apartment to live in next year after days of searching (now i know i will HATE house shopping when i'm older- go figure).

No matter what happens, I believe it's good to count your blessings- if you don't then you would probably end up suicidal (all that negative energy!!!)

I'm really craving some good techno music. I was hoping Hot Chip would do that for me- but i was disappointed. the ne
w album is a little too chill and the only song i liked was One Life Stand. I'll probably grow into it though. I've realized that my standards for my favorite bands are always higher than what they usually end up giving me. That makes me scared for Arcade Fire- they're my no. 1- I'll probably be let down hard...

I've actually just finished uploading my artwork to put on a CD for my application. I wish i could just include some of my photography but they are not school assignments.
so much to do...

Recently i've been going through a Tina Turner phase. I've decided that her song "The Best" will be the song i will sing in my wedding- lol, i know. It's crazy.

You love it. Don't lie.
especially that insane sax player.

meet Ayoob.
He's a Koala.
My friend's roommate gave it to him after his trip to Australia.

...this was such an ADD post.