Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I'm a few days late


Though i had no special someone to spend it with, i still had a good time. My old roommate and I went shopping, dressed up, went out for dinner, and then to dessert. Last year i heard someone say this and since then it's revolutionized my view on Valentines day:
In the end, besides God himself- No one loves me more than me. So I celebrate V Day as a single who loves herself: i buy myself a gift (...or two) and i treat myself to my favorite sugary treats. Who knows what i want more than me right? It's like celebrating your own birthday but it's a lot less pathetic.

I admit that the mindset is a little narcissistic but i think i'm allowed to think about no.1 at least once a year : )

For all my single ladies, I created a flicker set for them- with a collection of photographs i took of a vase of flowers my parents sent me (yea, they're pretty amazing). I put up a bunch of quotes and pick-up lines about the V Day as well. idk, i'm pretty happy with it.

These are my faves:

Song at the moment? honestly- i don't have one for you. I haven't been listening to a lot of music recently. But I'll choose a song from Destroyer: Blue Flower/Blue Flame. actually i'll also put a link up for Your Blood as well (It's has my name in it!!! :D)

Artist at the moment? umm...It's still Tina Turner. i can't help it.

Random Question: Have I just not been paying attention all these years or are news stations reporting more deaths than usual?

Happy (belated) valentines day!


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Yasmine said...

You know- I was just thinking the same thing about the crime rates.

P.S your pictures are pretty. I love the one's with the black and white design in the background :)