Friday, February 12, 2010


I have so much to do for tomorrow, and so little time to do it. I've just given up and decided to blog.

It's been a fairly hard week. Monday i picked up 3 tickets in front of my car, Tuesday i lost my phone in the snow (it fell out of my pocket but someone thankfully found it and gave it back); and Wednesday i lost my favorite orange hat. I would just blame all these things on bad luck but it was just me being an unorganized mess and not handling my possessions responsibly.

For tomorrow i have to turn in a specialization application, read 2 chp. for an honors option, and do two weeks worth of research for my internship. How that will happen i do not know.

Today was alright though. despite being notoriously late for a recitation, i discovered i got a 3.5 on my first essay and was even able t
o bump that up to a 3.6 with some convincing. I also think i found a great apartment to live in next year after days of searching (now i know i will HATE house shopping when i'm older- go figure).

No matter what happens, I believe it's good to count your blessings- if you don't then you would probably end up suicidal (all that negative energy!!!)

I'm really craving some good techno music. I was hoping Hot Chip would do that for me- but i was disappointed. the ne
w album is a little too chill and the only song i liked was One Life Stand. I'll probably grow into it though. I've realized that my standards for my favorite bands are always higher than what they usually end up giving me. That makes me scared for Arcade Fire- they're my no. 1- I'll probably be let down hard...

I've actually just finished uploading my artwork to put on a CD for my application. I wish i could just include some of my photography but they are not school assignments.
so much to do...

Recently i've been going through a Tina Turner phase. I've decided that her song "The Best" will be the song i will sing in my wedding- lol, i know. It's crazy.

You love it. Don't lie.
especially that insane sax player.

meet Ayoob.
He's a Koala.
My friend's roommate gave it to him after his trip to Australia.

...this was such an ADD post.


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