Sunday, May 31, 2009

Birthday Wishes

It was my birthday yesterday, and i had a nice time with friends (and a little excitement as well... :P)

I ended up having a little birthday photoshoot with some of my friends during the day and had dinner at Chilies that night:

a very successful day ^_^

Peacing it <3>

Friday, May 29, 2009

Another person to Love.

I realized i'm not as happy and inspired when i am home than when I am at school, i haven't even picked up my camera (well actually I did but it was really only once...). I think next summer i will only stay home for a short period of time and just take summer classes. Of course i think i would feel bad about missing out on stuff with church too so we'll see.

Right now i'm trying to find a job with no luck- which i'm upset about because without a job i have no money and without money my wardrobe is bland =/
Summer is not my forte
when it comes to my sense of style- half because of the parents (they're pretty conservative) half because i rely on layering more than amazing pieces of clothing. So basically my outfits have been nothing but t-shirts and jeans (eeeeewww)
And to add to that i've gained a whopping 11lbs. this semester so none of my old shorts fit! T_T
(mind you it'
s not like i've hit 130 yet but i don't think i've ever gained so much weight in my life).

But enough about my insecurities and slightly annoying situation. I have a new person in my life and his name is Bernhard Willhelm :P

I was reading through
Vice's Fashion Issue 2009 (ugh- like such a hipster, i knoooooow...)
but they did a little interview with Mr.Willhelm and i looked him up (i could tell by his picture that i would love his work) and i think he's amazing.
The first collection I saw from him was his fall winter 08-09:

I like this collection a lot- i was slightly disappointed with the spring and fall 2009 RTW- i dunno but he's playing with garbage size fabric and tying them up with like a rope...but i found some pieces that i did like somewhat : )

Spring 2009 RTW:

Fall 2009 RTW:

I kind of only like this picture because she has a freaking dollar on her forehead- i mean really???

and no, i do not like that thing on her head. I just think that the dress is probably cute without the head peace on it.
Idk, i think the fall collection looks more like a spring collection and vice versa. but I still have faith in him- I'd rather he go bold and over the top than keep it safe and stick with something like oh i dunno- black and gold (see page 2)

Ok, well that' it. I've dedicated like 2.5hrs to this post i think and i'm hungry : )

Peacing it <3>

Monday, May 11, 2009

Back home for the Summer

My phone died. i guess it just couldn't take my hectic lifestyle :P
I am also back home and these first 4 days have been uneventful- and boring. I want to go away somewhere and have fun, meet new people, start all over once again. I'm tired of dealing with some of the things i've left back home- and yes i decided to be vague and moody.

Friday was my last day at school and the day before i took some pictures with a friend:

I tried to do more than just flower pics
but the flowers are pretty ^_^

Peacing it <3>

Monday, May 4, 2009

Really Tabby? Again?

So- i took some pictures today on my way back from church

OOO- there was also this really amazing quote/poem thing that they had up as well:
"Two natures, beneath my breast;
one is fowl, one is blessed;

one I love , one I hate-
the One i feed will Dominate."

good right?

I also heard this great verse as well:
"Anyone, then, who knows the good he ought to do and doesn't do it, sins."
James 4:17

anyway, here are the pics-

I dunno, i've been takign a lot of pictures of flowers lately : )
it may be because i am forced to wander outside because my campus is so big... well that and because my fear of nature might have let me miss out on some pretty things that only live outside :P

That's it from me!
Back to studying?

Peacing it <3>