Tuesday, March 10, 2009


So i definitely saw this comic strip and it made my day =3

hahahahahaha!!! =3

Anywhooo... I was doing my rounds and i found this lovely dress on modcloth (well two lovely dresses) BUT this particular lovely dress i'm upset about because there's only one left AND it's not in my size. Plus i am perfectly willing to spend the $75 to get it... DARN!


This is the kind of spring dress i would LOVE to have- i think that when i thought of my springy wardrobe i saw it as kind of child-like; Alice in Wonderland maybe?...i feel like i've heard that before... O.o

but think about it, a cute grey cardigan some purple or blue flats maybe? even red or yellow! the possibilities!!! :D

BUT it doesn't matter how much i love this dress, i cannot have it. I do not fit into a size medium and if i am going to cough up $75 for any dress it best FIT! >.< onblur="try {parent.deselectBloggerImageGracefully();} catch(e) {}" href="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_dPh9o2x8dCI/SbbfB_Hsz5I/AAAAAAAAAQM/c-A0xrSzJFU/s1600-h/Buenos+Aires+Dress.jpg">

so flowly =3
It reminds me of Buenos Aires (which the dress was properly named as) and the Sound of Music (that might just be my crazy showing :P)

and i lied- there was another dress i liked :P

So that's just about it
Yes, this is what i decided to do on my spring break instead of being social...

Peacing It <3

Saturday, March 7, 2009

What about Pete Doherty? O.o

Yesterday i ended up going home for the spring break!!! :D
tho i will most likely be doing hw (booooo). =/

Earlier on this week tho i was in my dorm room and when i went to bed, there was this crazy *CLICK* sound that came out of nowhere. I was so freaked out cause, obviously the first thing that came to mind was "omg! whose there? who is making that noise? did i accidentally kick something off of my bed? is it a ghost or demon or something? O.O" I eventually calmed down but then the idea came to me- that kind of stuff must happen all the time. There must be thousands of things that crack or creak or squeek for no particular reason whether or not we are there. Maybe this is just me but for some reason i feel like all movement should stop when i leave an empty room. Like nothing should fall or or make weird noises or shift or anything: if i leave a still room, that room must remain still.

Isn't it kind of weird thinking about a crumpled up ball of paper or plastic making a funny sound spontaneously when you aren't there? or a book randomly falling off a shelf for no apparent reason when u
cannot be present witness it?
It's like all this potential energy is just built up in some things, waiting to be used and you are probably not there for most of it. Idk, it was just a random thought.

Yes i am insane.

but i did end up changing my mind AGAIN when it comes to dslr's. But this time i took a completely different root and decided to go with the Nikon D60. It is a beautiful camera and i know that Linnea has one- and might i add she takes lovely pictures with it- and it's a nikon so i made my choice.
but this time, i'm almost positive i'm sticking to it =3

On an even lighter note:
ZOMGGG!!!!Pete Doherty is coming out with a new album!!!!! xD

thanks to my oh so lovely friend Andrea and her daily use of google reader i was able to find out this wonderful news =3

I feel like my obsession with Pete Doherty is a little unhealthy- him being a druggie and a crazy messed up guy (i mean, the man makes is kitty snort coke!!! >.<)- but he is brilliant! His lyrics, his voice, his skill with the guitar: it's all to die for and i honestly don't care how insane he is, he is a beautiful messed up, old time rocker to me =3. If you didn't know, Pete was a member of The Libertines and is a member of Babyshambles (who i'm pretty sure, have not broken up yet...well i hope not...)

His solo album, Grace/Wasteland is suppose to be released March 16th (link to his single "last of the English roses")
idk, we'll see when the actual album comes out but i'm still excited none the less- Pete trying to do his own thing again, very good.
Hopefully it will kind of be like a Brittney Spears turn around but better ;D

that's all i got!
Peacing it <3>

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Well i Thought it was Cute...

My friend and I decided that we were going to meet on a weekly basis at Starbucks to do a little devotional together and just encourage each other as sisters in Christ, so this friday we started the pattern that, hopefully, will follow through till the end of the semester : )

Right now we're going through Hebrews and, i must say, Hebrews is a very vital book for all Christians (not like any of the books in the bible are not) because it really explains the mechanics of God's kingdom and exactly what Jesus' role is in relation to us and God.

If you haven't noticed already, i have started my more God centered blog (which you will find a link to on the side). I'm just telling you cause i know i said i would ^_^
I think it really does help me in terms of keeping me accountable for doing my devotions. That's just because if i don't; there isn't a post for it, and it's quite obvious that i messed up :P

On a lighter note! Spring break is coming up and i DEFINITELY need to start packing and studying for my mi
dterm and my Bio Exam (booooo >.<) but hey! i think i'll manage to pull it off ;) I must say, i did update the flickr page and i was a bit upset that no one commented one of my outfits that i just loved!!! Soooo i decided that i am going to put it up here as well :P

See???? aren't those the cutest leggings you've seen in you life?!?!?!
i don't understand... but w/e i'll be ok ^_^
(Though i am kind of embarrassed, i kind of wore American Apparel from head to toe this day...yea...)
Shoes- Urban Outfitters
rest- AA

That's all from me today, check out the new blog!
(lots of writing and, dun dun dun, "religious talk" but i would love to hear ur comments anyway ^_^)

Peacing it <3>