Sunday, March 1, 2009

Well i Thought it was Cute...

My friend and I decided that we were going to meet on a weekly basis at Starbucks to do a little devotional together and just encourage each other as sisters in Christ, so this friday we started the pattern that, hopefully, will follow through till the end of the semester : )

Right now we're going through Hebrews and, i must say, Hebrews is a very vital book for all Christians (not like any of the books in the bible are not) because it really explains the mechanics of God's kingdom and exactly what Jesus' role is in relation to us and God.

If you haven't noticed already, i have started my more God centered blog (which you will find a link to on the side). I'm just telling you cause i know i said i would ^_^
I think it really does help me in terms of keeping me accountable for doing my devotions. That's just because if i don't; there isn't a post for it, and it's quite obvious that i messed up :P

On a lighter note! Spring break is coming up and i DEFINITELY need to start packing and studying for my mi
dterm and my Bio Exam (booooo >.<) but hey! i think i'll manage to pull it off ;) I must say, i did update the flickr page and i was a bit upset that no one commented one of my outfits that i just loved!!! Soooo i decided that i am going to put it up here as well :P

See???? aren't those the cutest leggings you've seen in you life?!?!?!
i don't understand... but w/e i'll be ok ^_^
(Though i am kind of embarrassed, i kind of wore American Apparel from head to toe this day...yea...)
Shoes- Urban Outfitters
rest- AA

That's all from me today, check out the new blog!
(lots of writing and, dun dun dun, "religious talk" but i would love to hear ur comments anyway ^_^)

Peacing it <3>

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Linnéa said...

Awesome outfit !!
coco L.