Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Thankful

As many know (hopefully) this past Thursday was Thanksgiving so i decided to make myself a little list of the things that I am thankful for ^_^:

1. God- For being my everything
2. My Family for supporting me in all ways
3. My buddy Ashley for being my favourite ^_^
4. Chipotle for being the burrito of my life (yea, it made 4 :P)
5. bicycles for saving my life O.O
6. Pocky for being so delicious
7. The first snow of the year for making me smile
8. my cameras from capturing my life
9.The UK for consisting of AMAZING accents (lol- yes! all of you ^_^)
10. America for electing BARACK OBAMA as my brand spankin' new President =D

i think that's a good list right there ^_^
on another note, i would like to say that i did end up watching Twilight the other night and it was ridiculous :P
i'm not going to like Robert Pattinson(is that how u spell it O.o? w/e...) is pretty good looking and he seems a of it which i think is cute so =3
but that movie- can someone explaine to me why anyone would explain to me why anyone would want an Edward Collwen??? (is that how u spell it???? u kno, i really don't care :P)
he's a stalker, he wants to drink her blood, he almost killed her, blah blah blah (the list could go on) but ALL of this should be ok because you know what, he is pretty darn good looking

Wah Waaaah :P

i'm sorry, i'm not sure if that would be worth it
but i think i undserstand the whole making out/vampire mix- ooo dangerous ;)

ok well that's all from me, my mother is naging me to start getting ready for church/ the plane

Peacing it <3

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Under Pressure!


soooo much pressure!- finals week is coming up and i'm freaking out T_T...
i was going to take some pictures today buuuuut that didn't happen in the end (not enough subjects to work with). I know that Sunday would have been a better day but i'm leaving right after church so that wasn't going to work out... =/

if anything, at least i'm back home right? i literaly spent the first three days (wed, thurs, and fri) in bed and in the house (ok i lied, i did go out and shop a little friday morning :P)

i cant wait to come home again T_T

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Old Pictures- it's about time

Hullo Hullo!
LOADS to do, and so much to pack... T_T
i dunno why i ALWAYS wait untill the last moment to pack my stuff... but i'm bringing a lot of crap home too so...

even though i have a lot to do, i still managed to waste some time on the internet and you know what? i Think i'll finally put up some of those photos from Italia!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm just chillin'

Wow- i can't believe that i'm finally going home tomorrow...TOMORROW!!! O.O
how long has it been, three four months now? how time flies by
i hate it when time flies by like this, it makes you regret not stopping every now and then to take in what is happening around you.

I think this is something that happens as you grow older- probably because you end up being involved in everything, having to deal with an infinite amount of stuff, and worrying about all aspects of your life.

Classes are really going bad right now- not sure if i'm going to make it out alive in some of them. The good news, though, is that if i do make
it out alive, i will be a standing sophomore by next semester AND if i survive next semester i'll will end the year with 48 credits =)

Lot's of stuff to show you! so i've been bored recently and i've ended up looking at different designers and stuff like that. so i'll let you in on some of my life :P

now don't judge me on my analysis ok? because honestly i'm not a very BIG follower of fashion and design but i am quite interested in it so i do take note of what i like and what i don't like, which designers i like (not so much the ones that i don't) and i like to see if anything new is gonna be popping up in the next season (you know, so i can start incorporating stuff into my outfits now =)...)

I decided i LOVE Anna Sui- her clothes are sooo cute! =3i think what i like the most is that the colours are so bright!!!
and i think it's about time that we have more bright colours for spring

DKNY was ok but i really liked this blazer concept that they have

you like the blazer, i know it :P
those sneakers with
the dress that's pretty sweet too
all very 80's ^_^

I wasn't a big fan of Jill Stuart either but i like how flowy this outfit is

I like the big chunky jewelry especially ^_^

Marc Jacobs' spring line was also very colourful but i didn't really like how much patterns it had- a lot of designers did that i think (well of the ones that i
looked at)

Marc by Marc J was another
story tho, i really liked some of the dresses

i think i like the first dress because it reminds me of a blanket that i used to have when i was younger. It's really cute, i really like it a lot. I would love to have that dress most definately ^_^. And what did i tell you? sneakers with a dress? it's pretty hard core, i like it.

There's this one outfit that Luella has that i think looks pretty in an ugly way kind of?
i dunno, i just like it- it clashes but then it grows on you ^_^

The shoes were a good choice too, and usually i hate pale purples :P

Rag & Bone is looking pretty hard core. not as bright- or springy for that matter- but still cool

See how that blazer thing came back? i love it!!! soo excited!!!! =D
what do you think that's called? a blazer dress maybe? i dunno...

Finally, i've come to re-LOVE Ruffian- this line is soo hard core i love it <3>

i kind of love those capis (the first one). And there's that blazer thing again...what did i tell you... :P

I also just became a fan of Trock (also known as Timelord Rock). Basically it's Doctor Who inspired music and, yes, it's amazing.
you might have heard of Wrock which is Harry Potter Rock- yes it's kind of like that but better :P
i so wish i played a musical instrument that was practical for a band so i could make my own Trock- but i don't. plus none of my Doctor Who watching friends have musical talent so that wouldn't work either...
some links for anyone who would want to know more about Tock:

i suppose i will have to update the blog on my Italy pictures next time i guess? i dunno, maybe i'll never do it... i hope so tho ^_^

Peacing it <3

Monday, November 24, 2008

To Fall in love with a Camera

sooo i'm finally going home this week (i think i'm finally ready to ^_^). Kind of excited, though i'm still upset that my parents do not respect my feelings enough to kick my little sister out of my room- i honestly don't care if i'm 12 or so hours away from home, it's still my room.

so i took some pictures this past week and i'm excit
ed to put them up!!
i didn't realize how much i missed my camera until i p
icked it up again ^_^

Though i would LOVE a DSLR, i think it would be more practical if i asked for a professional photoshop software for christmas instead. Think about how amazing my pics would be then??? ^_^

i guess while i'm at it i should put up those pictures from italy that i took, but i just don't feel like it at the moment. maybe next time ^___^

Peacing it <3

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A lovely dayyyy ^_____^

I finally feel like i'm having a good day after two weeks of hell O.O
I mean, i woke up early enough- did enough homework to not get stressed out between classes, i look pretty darn cute today (not the greatest outfit, but i look good enough :P) i wore my contacts finally, did my hair all pretty, finally put on some make-up, actually followed what was going on in Chinese class today and here i am. I'm even blogging/doing homework before work!!! =3

i have been sick these past few days (it may have been bad to run out in the cold on election night for like 1.5hrs :P) but i'm getting better- i love how my parents to trust me to be able to keep myself healthy now that i'm in college- i obviously don't have it in me to take care of myself...

but it's all good cause today is a good day
i feel like i should still be taking pictures but i haven't been able to b/c of work, and school, and stress- and now it's really cold and gloomy so i can't anymore T_T

i also need to get around to processing my roll of film that I've had with me for about a month *oops!*
i don't even remember all the pictures that i have on it...but i know that it's a kodak and i'm not a big fan of Kodak- it's probably just a bunch of filler pictures- i have a bunch of fuji film that still needs to be used up ^_^

i kind of feel bad having such wastefull habits- like taking photos with my slr usues up a bunch of resources like paper and plastic and contributes to the making of harmful chemicals (the list can go on). I also LOVE shopping- for jackets and dresses and sweaters and shirts and accessories and shoes and scarves and belts and hats and everything else inbetween. Plus i kind of have this thing about buying used stuff- like i do! but then it take me a LONG time for me to get over the fact that they are used and i feel dirty just tuching it (even if i just antibacteria washed in my washing machine) =/
i do buy a lot of my scarves second hand tho- it just took me a really REALLY long time to actually wear them b/c of my problem...

Peacing it <3

Friday, November 7, 2008

Infinite Divine

I did my devos in Starbucks again today (finally) and it's so weird that I don't realize how much i miss spending time in God's word until i finally push myself to do it and then i feel so much more at peace... ^_^

The song that's on my heart right now i guess
it's called Infinite Divine
here are the words if you wanna sing along:

Infinite Divine
with all my mind
i praise you
God i Thank you
Lord of Ancient Days
To you i raise
my hands to
worship you for

all my day your name i'll sing to
give all glory to my king

Lord of all that's right
with all your might
please hold me
father take me
into your arms save
save me from harm
without my guide
keep my steps right

to your glory i will live by
Your word only unto thee

Yea, it's a pretty cool song
I like it :P

Peacing it <3

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The End of America's Dark Ages???

Maybe that title is a bit too strong? i don't really care actually because i feel like a weight has been lifted from our shoulders. President Barack Hussein Obama (why should we be ashamed of his middle name???) some say anti-christ, some say muslim some say the end of America as we know it. That's just a load of bull and i'm tired of people saying things like that. anti- christ? no doubt that Bush fit the anti-christ description in 2004 than Obama does now. That muslim thing is beyond a lie and has no grounding to it. Tells us a lot about America and how we think right? Black guy with a funny name and an African dad- he must be an ARAB!!!! and as we all know, all Arabs are eeeeviiiiiiil- way to be ignorant America, i'm real proud of you...

End of America as we know it- i agree fully. It is the end of America as we know it. THANK YOU JESUS!!! Let's take a look in history- post WW2 era Europe finally stepped down from its world power status (the two world wars and casualties took a real toll on the economy). This left America and the USSR who fought to fill the void- the Cold War. And what's a war without weapons? With Europe out of the way and fear to fuel the fire. America started pouring into the expansion of their military during 'peace' times while Russia did the same. In the end though, Stalin's Communism folded under pressure and capitalism prevailed. Winning the title of world power solidified our attitudes on our role in the global community which basically went along the lines of 'this is our world and you are our minions.' even though we won our war, we just couldn't put our guns down and started strutting around with our nukes in hand bombing our way through problems.
September 11th, 2001- someone decided to fight back. A few Muslims run our own planes into our own crap and we start freaking out. For the first time the horror of war is brought to our home land. The crap we do to other smaller, ill-equip countries is done right in our backyards. Now don't get me wrong- i don't excuse what those people did on that day. It was a horrible tragedy and no matter what a country does, or is, there is no excuse to kill innocent people at any time but the message was still the same- 'America, freaking get off of your high horse, this is how the other half lives'. Quickly the world came to comfort us but we decided to respond with big sticks and bigger guns. Turning on anyone who wasn't for our askew cause.

Now, FINALLY, our deeds catch up with us. Our use of weapons and of war has made more enemies than friends, our economy is starting to buckle under all the accumulating pressure, and with the world that we have found ourselves in today it is time for us to start changing our tactics and think of different ways to be influenial. Anyone who thinks that talking with our fists is still the way to go is an idiot who refuses to look at the history as a whole.

Speaking about the economy, why do we rebuke socialism like it's pure evil? Capitalism isn't exactly our saving grace either. Remember the Gilded Age? you know, the time when the government had no real control over the economy (as close to a free market we got to). The time when American markets were ruled by Big businesses who shut out any kind of competition and worked their employees to the bone with little pay or benefits? The time when politicians didn't listen to the people but, instead, to these political machines so that they could keep their funding (hrm sounds like lobbyists)? Is that really the position we want to go back to? i don't know, but i'd rather have at least SOME government intervention than none- look at our own history please before condemning us to our own personal hell.
and about Obama's idea of raising taxes- while we're on the subject of the economy- yea, he wants to raise taxes but he also wants to lower taxes. It's already been proven that a flat tax doesn't work. In fact, it makes no sense to have a flat tax. A tax amount could be too high for the poor and too little for the rich. dont even bring up a cut on taxes all together because when the ppl are struggling they want the government to help relieve some of the pain a recession brings. yea he wants to redistribute the wealth but that is because a recognizable phenomena is happening right now where the gap between the rich and the poor is growing and the existing middle class is quickly fading away. Yes, this was an incident that happened during the Gilded age as well. Now how do you fix a growing gap? you help make the poor not as poor. How do you make the poor less poor? give them money. But where do you get that money? well from the rich. It's a simple fact of life. We can't make money pop out of nowhere. And if we want to fix our economy without adding more to this debt that we have accumulated we need to start circulating the wealth that we already have in order to help make more money in general. Plus, Obama is including more of the middle class into that plan so not as many ppl have raised taxes. everyone also seems to forget that there is also a tax cut for people under this line. Apparently everyone is happy with helping the poor until it means using our own money to do so. Well that doesn't sound very Christian. and honestly, do you really think he's going to drastically raise taxes for ppl that are just above that line? really?

If you don't agree with the changes that are going to take place, and feel like you can't possibly wait and see what's going to happen then fine, move to canada (like many ppl say) lets see how you function there. They are ten times more liberal and socialist than America would possibly be. In fact, move anywhere else decent to live in the world and you'll see that your best bet is to just sit your butt down in the old US of A and DEAL WITH IT. Like Obama said in his acceptance speech last night, America isn't going to be changed by him, it's going to be our jobs to change it. To be involved in our own politics; make it a personal responsibility to update ourselves on the issues circulating Washington. We don't elect a president to make all the decisions so we don't have to; we elect a president- and the ppl in all offices- for efficiency. So that our voice will be heard quicker and with more results. There's no need for whining and ppl complaining over how Obama is the end of America and all we stand for. All that noise is annoying and useless. If you have a problem with the government, do your research, talk to your governors, make movements with the people in your own communities and give yourself a united voice. THAT's how you solve the problem's in America- i mean how else do you think we got out of the Gilded Age?

Stop whining and start getting involved.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008