Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm just chillin'

Wow- i can't believe that i'm finally going home tomorrow...TOMORROW!!! O.O
how long has it been, three four months now? how time flies by
i hate it when time flies by like this, it makes you regret not stopping every now and then to take in what is happening around you.

I think this is something that happens as you grow older- probably because you end up being involved in everything, having to deal with an infinite amount of stuff, and worrying about all aspects of your life.

Classes are really going bad right now- not sure if i'm going to make it out alive in some of them. The good news, though, is that if i do make
it out alive, i will be a standing sophomore by next semester AND if i survive next semester i'll will end the year with 48 credits =)

Lot's of stuff to show you! so i've been bored recently and i've ended up looking at different designers and stuff like that. so i'll let you in on some of my life :P

now don't judge me on my analysis ok? because honestly i'm not a very BIG follower of fashion and design but i am quite interested in it so i do take note of what i like and what i don't like, which designers i like (not so much the ones that i don't) and i like to see if anything new is gonna be popping up in the next season (you know, so i can start incorporating stuff into my outfits now =)...)

I decided i LOVE Anna Sui- her clothes are sooo cute! =3i think what i like the most is that the colours are so bright!!!
and i think it's about time that we have more bright colours for spring

DKNY was ok but i really liked this blazer concept that they have

you like the blazer, i know it :P
those sneakers with
the dress that's pretty sweet too
all very 80's ^_^

I wasn't a big fan of Jill Stuart either but i like how flowy this outfit is

I like the big chunky jewelry especially ^_^

Marc Jacobs' spring line was also very colourful but i didn't really like how much patterns it had- a lot of designers did that i think (well of the ones that i
looked at)

Marc by Marc J was another
story tho, i really liked some of the dresses

i think i like the first dress because it reminds me of a blanket that i used to have when i was younger. It's really cute, i really like it a lot. I would love to have that dress most definately ^_^. And what did i tell you? sneakers with a dress? it's pretty hard core, i like it.

There's this one outfit that Luella has that i think looks pretty in an ugly way kind of?
i dunno, i just like it- it clashes but then it grows on you ^_^

The shoes were a good choice too, and usually i hate pale purples :P

Rag & Bone is looking pretty hard core. not as bright- or springy for that matter- but still cool

See how that blazer thing came back? i love it!!! soo excited!!!! =D
what do you think that's called? a blazer dress maybe? i dunno...

Finally, i've come to re-LOVE Ruffian- this line is soo hard core i love it <3>

i kind of love those capis (the first one). And there's that blazer thing again...what did i tell you... :P

I also just became a fan of Trock (also known as Timelord Rock). Basically it's Doctor Who inspired music and, yes, it's amazing.
you might have heard of Wrock which is Harry Potter Rock- yes it's kind of like that but better :P
i so wish i played a musical instrument that was practical for a band so i could make my own Trock- but i don't. plus none of my Doctor Who watching friends have musical talent so that wouldn't work either...
some links for anyone who would want to know more about Tock:

i suppose i will have to update the blog on my Italy pictures next time i guess? i dunno, maybe i'll never do it... i hope so tho ^_^

Peacing it <3

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M.J. said...

Really sweet outfit finds. I love the colors and the patterns. I wish it was warm so we can wear stuff like this outside :(