Friday, May 29, 2009

Another person to Love.

I realized i'm not as happy and inspired when i am home than when I am at school, i haven't even picked up my camera (well actually I did but it was really only once...). I think next summer i will only stay home for a short period of time and just take summer classes. Of course i think i would feel bad about missing out on stuff with church too so we'll see.

Right now i'm trying to find a job with no luck- which i'm upset about because without a job i have no money and without money my wardrobe is bland =/
Summer is not my forte
when it comes to my sense of style- half because of the parents (they're pretty conservative) half because i rely on layering more than amazing pieces of clothing. So basically my outfits have been nothing but t-shirts and jeans (eeeeewww)
And to add to that i've gained a whopping 11lbs. this semester so none of my old shorts fit! T_T
(mind you it'
s not like i've hit 130 yet but i don't think i've ever gained so much weight in my life).

But enough about my insecurities and slightly annoying situation. I have a new person in my life and his name is Bernhard Willhelm :P

I was reading through
Vice's Fashion Issue 2009 (ugh- like such a hipster, i knoooooow...)
but they did a little interview with Mr.Willhelm and i looked him up (i could tell by his picture that i would love his work) and i think he's amazing.
The first collection I saw from him was his fall winter 08-09:

I like this collection a lot- i was slightly disappointed with the spring and fall 2009 RTW- i dunno but he's playing with garbage size fabric and tying them up with like a rope...but i found some pieces that i did like somewhat : )

Spring 2009 RTW:

Fall 2009 RTW:

I kind of only like this picture because she has a freaking dollar on her forehead- i mean really???

and no, i do not like that thing on her head. I just think that the dress is probably cute without the head peace on it.
Idk, i think the fall collection looks more like a spring collection and vice versa. but I still have faith in him- I'd rather he go bold and over the top than keep it safe and stick with something like oh i dunno- black and gold (see page 2)

Ok, well that' it. I've dedicated like 2.5hrs to this post i think and i'm hungry : )

Peacing it <3>

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M.J. said...

Hmm...has anyone ever told you that you should go into fashion? lol...I am sure they have!!!
But yeah, I totally feel you on the summer thing. Boring! I am counting the days until I leave.
I hope you find luck in getting a job!!!