Friday, February 20, 2009

How My People Suffer.

So This semester we are focusing on Globalization and for this assignment that i have, i needed to pick a developing country and record it's MDG goals and blah blah blah...
anyways! i chose, for this specific project my homeland Jamaica *nuf respect* and my friend sent me this video that talks about Jamaica and how it has been impacted by globalization.

The documentary is called Life and Debt: Globalization and Jamaica
It's is by Stephanie Black and it was released in 2001
you can find the video Here
it's a long one (like an 1.5hrs) but it's worth the watch ^_^


just watching this documentary just makes me feel more obligated to go back to Jamaica and help my people. That's my country that's suffering- a nation of strong people; of proud people.
They don't take crap from no one and yet they are forced to do it anyway. In every Jamaican i saw interviewed i could hear an echo of my father. There's real passion and concern and willingness to understand w
hat is going on and to tell everyone you can that you are not ok with this.
Maybe i'm biased but i don't think you see that kind of attitude anywhere else.

Peacing It <3>

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