Saturday, February 21, 2009

She's my Idol ^_^

So the past few posts have been very serious and very spaced out. mostly because the times when i did feel like posting something was after a deep thought or a revelation of some kind.

But, going along with my motto. i think one has to always step back from their life hectic lives and just stop for a little while, appreciate the sun that's shinning, the snow that's falling, the rain that's soaking your jeans- let your mind wander, or think nothing at all; take a break!!!! SO! with that being said, i feel like it's time for me to let my mind wonder and as it was wondering, i feel the need to look up pictures of the infamous Agyness Deyn xD **EDIT: So, i guess it's not obvious- Agyness Deyn is a model ;) **

i'm absolutely IN LOVE with her!!! her sense of style is amazing and i love her look and i love...well... everything about her! my goal is to wake up one day and come to the realization that i am a black, shorter version of Agyness =3
Here, proof of the most amazing style ever-

Peacing It <3>


Andrea said...

yeah, you did tell me about her at some point... I remember you failing at spelling her name for a while...

then again, in cold weather with a barely functioning brain (we tied BU... damn!, but guess what STILL IN FIRST PLACE)

anyway, I've since decided that I need to hang out with more guys, cute or otherwise (cute preferable), just because I relate to them more and you don't have the bitch outs like in the large groups of girls (i.e. the fifth floor girls who I've regrettably (read: not really)given up on entirely (with a few exceptions)

and, I've finally taken notice that there are actually halfway amusing peoples in my dorm (with whom I watched Toy Story and Religulous and did other ridiculous things (lol, I introduced them to missed connections, and the one kid, john, went on this gigantic conspiracy theory based rant (yup, I had him PEGGED when he opened his mouth (having onlyjust met him)) about the future and how myspace and facebook would have once been deemed so radical... yadayadaya)

aka, yay, people I can annoy in my own building. Sheesh! and here I thought they were a lot cause (that being Melvinittes)

Andrea said...

and here I thought I was your idol....

then again, my previous comment rivals your entire post

...and wins, might I add

Tabby said...

You wish! :P