Sunday, December 21, 2008

out and about

i FINALLY got out of the house today... and i'm happy i did.
There was a terrible snow storm on friday so i sadly couldn't follow through with my plan to go out and attempt to take some snowy pictures... i want to get at least a roll in before i leave home.

I've been emotionally drained these past few days and i think it has something to do with being in the house for too long. I have come to the conclusion that very few people can be fully content with being by themselves for long periods of time- of course maybe that's just me =3.

Decided I'd put up my outfit today just because i was able to steal my mother's very nice camera for a while and because i don't think i really have done that recently...
( haven't even updated my flickr page since like forever!)

Ooo- look at that picture quality ^_^
so, it's not that great here yes, but it's a pretty good non-flash pic compared to my camera...
i really REALLY need a new digital- i should probably ask for one for Christmas?
(something besides the DSLR that is :P)
hat- delias
scarf- Italia!
sweater- express
blouse(under sweater)- H&M
tank(under sweater)- H&M
gray denim- American Apparel
boots- gift =D
bag- Urban Outfitters
Well i haven't done that in a long time :P

Tomorrow is suppose to be a fairly busy day too- but only if these snow storms tonight/tomorrow aren't that bad. If they are then i'll be a very bored girl once again T_T

Peacing it <3

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