Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Keeping busy

I'm still really really bored but i'm trying to keep busy.
At the moment, I've been attempting to reach some goals and finish up some started projects.
For example, I've picked up knitting again. I have yet to finish my first scarf but now i decided to do my best to complete it by the end of the holiday.

I'm very tempted to just stop and move on to another yarn though. The one i chose to do this scarf with is very thin and for some crazy reason, i guess i thought that knitting a scarf out of neon green material would be a good idea O.o.
Whatever- it might as well. It's not like i have any money to buy any yarn with...

I've also been busy getting ready to do stuff this weekend. Of course it's the weekend before
Christmas and that's also when, most definitely, all of my friends will be back home for the holidays- which is good ^_^

I'm in desperate need for some wrapping paper tho- i dunno where it all went!!!!
geez, a girl leaves for a few m
onths and next thing you know, all the thing she had in her room are gone *sigh*

been robbed by the family...

well that's basically it. nothing too exciting for today really...
until tomorrow i suppose ^_^

Peacing it <3

*I actually remembered what i was going to put up here the first place ^_^*
So i was doing my runs on and found some pretty cool artists that i liked :P half for me to remember them, let me just put them up- i
tend to find and re-find bands until i decide it might be a good idea to save the artist

Lykke Li- Dance, Dance, Dance

I really like that song from her because it's so upbeat!!!
well it's not really really upbeat but it still makes me want to dance so i guess it counts =3

Cajun Dance Party

I think their pretty upbeat and crazy- i can't really find any full tracks anywhere which make me sad... (well of the tracks i want :P) WEEEELLL except no Joanna

Lightspeed Champion

I think his music is pretty sweet, i can't remember the tracks i like exactly but they all kind of relax me a bit :P- Myspace,

Good Shoes

I love that song Never Meant to Hurt you but their other songs are really good as well

ok- now i'm really done ^_^

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