Monday, December 15, 2008

Back Home for the Holidays...


Back home and there is NOTHING to dooooo...
everyone's still going through their finals week so i have the luxury of just laying here until my friends come back at the end of this week...

I've been too busy studying and trying to not fail my exams last week so i wasn't able to update like all.

It's good to be home, but i miss some of my friends from college (of course, i also needed to just get away from some of those people too...)
I thought that being home would be a relief as well but unfortunately, i have to face the people and the things that dro
ve me away from being here in the first place once again.

it just sucks to not find any refuge anywhere- no physical place for me to find peace and to be at peace...

I wonder if it's just me that has this problem. There's always someone who i manage to feel awkward around. There
's always something that makes me hate my current situation. Is it too much to ask to be completely and wholly comfortable with my surroundings? is it possible for me to feel completely at home anywhere? why is it so hard for me to just find some place to take cover and rest. I need a security blanket for it seems that i have lost mine.

Anyway, one must carry on-
Christmas list time!!!!

2. The Crosley AV Room Portable USB

I've kind of always wanted to own records but i don't exactly have a record player so i've also always have wanted a record player. Unfortunately my mother gave away hers when she was younger (we moved a lot so much of my
grandparent's things were left behind). it looks very pretty i think and even though i know that LP's aren't exactly the most environmentally friendly thing, at least i can go to thrift stores and get a bunch of older stuff right?
the price tag on this is $160 and can be found on

3.The Vampire Weekend LP

An amazing Record to go with the Amazing Record Player/ turntable =3
brought to you by a price of $14.98 at

4. WeSC Oboe Headphones

So i just like big headphones but haven't really gotten around to getting them (too many other projects going on i suppose) and these are very cute i think ^_^
brought to you at a price of $50 by, once again,

5. Miss Dior Cherie

I found a sample of this in a Teen Vogue magazine. Usually, perfume scents disgust me but i fell in love with this one- it's so expensive though! i tried to find the price at Macy's (cause that's where i got this pic) but couldn't find it... at amazon though, a 1oz perfume spray is about $50

6. Midnight Fantasy by Britney Spears

I LOVE this perfume!!!! i bought it once at the airport on the way back to the US from London and had the hardest time finding it anywhere else BUT i did manage to find this perfume on (thank you amazon!!! =D) at $26.87 for a 3.4oz perfume spray

Ok so that's it for today. manage to kill some time but not enough...
Back to cleaning and being bored

Peacing it <3

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Nadine said...

I love the headphones! So stylish!