Saturday, December 27, 2008

I gotta new dress!!! XD

I gotta new dress!!!!
and it's crazy O.O

Now isn't that a crazy dress?!?!!!
got it from this new store in my mall called Know Style.
i can't wait to wear it! it will definately be my new party dress =3

recently i've been worrying about the pictures that i took on christmas because i realized that Christmas was the first time i had really used my flash class maybe?
haha, not so good :P! i probably did everything all wrong so it's very possible that i may not have any pictures up at all from christmas... =/

Ahhh well, it happens... ^_^

Peacing it <3>

1 comment:

Nadine said...

The dress is awesome! Now I'm thinking about sewing a similar one ^^.