Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Schools Out but the Work is Never Over

I Am finally back home from another year at school. It's crazy how fast this part of my life is moving. Only 2.5 years to go (too much credits to take for a clean 4 year graduation >.<). However there is soooo much going on this summer i barely have time for the traditional break.

Like i mentioned a few entries ago i am doing a training program with Greenpeace this summer from June to August. I'm am exited and nervous and maybe a little scared. I think it might be the fact that I'm semi living life on my own- though not really because I'm still living in a dorm, with 2 other roommates, and i'm still doing a program so it's just like moving out to college all over again. I think sometimes we trick ourselves into thinking situations are more different than they really are.

I also have decided to be come much more read by the end of this summer (how that will happen with a 40hr work week i do not know) so i have a pile of books to read plus a list of books to check out from the library. And just to make sure I read everything, I am only going to post books after I read them :P. I kind of need to trick myself to be motivated enough to finish a book- it's been much too long.

I don't have much to entertain you with. But i did go through my old music the other day in the car and i remembered that I love The Futureheads. a lot. Check them out.
Radio Heart, Hounds of Love, Struck Dumb

Their new album, Chaos, is up to par i think- and that's saying a lot b/c i usually am not impressed with new albums. However, my favorites are still the first and 3rd.

That's all from me-
Peace and Blessin's


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