Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Which One?!?!?!!! >.<

I think change is an enemy of the old- change and time.
Because with time comes change and who wants the good things in life to end. that has been on of the lessons i have learned this break, nothing lasts forever. Every moment has to end. Every laughter has to stop, every hug has to cease, every kiss has to part, every friend has to say good bye, every business has to close down- nothing in this world is timeless
ah! but note that i said nothing in this world- Because there is one good thing that never changes and that's God.

It's taken me a while to understand why it is we worship God because he is unchanging and everlasting- but you see i was a child then (or at least younger). Now i understand how much heartache comes with knowing that everything around you changes. All the good time you've experienced and all the memoires that you have collected and all the people you have met, all of those things come to a
n end! but God never comes to an end- all his good never cease and He never changes

Today, i've had to make a life changing decision: what Digital SLR i want to start saving up for
(because, it's not like my parents will pay for it :P)- i'm down to the Canon Rebel XSi (which i believe i had on my christmas list this year- well this past year :P) and the Nikon D90 (which wasn't even in the picture until my friend put that idea into my head =/...) The Canon i can probably get for waaaay cheap b/c i already have a canon rebel and i can just buy the body and use my own lens BUUUUUT the Nikon seems to have even better features and i think that maybe a change would be nice... i dunno!!! >.<>
view feature...

But the real question IS, would the extra $400-$600 be worth it if i get the
Nikon D90? I mean, image quality wise, the Nikon is a bit brighter on the screen but besides that, the mega pixles are about the same and the only real big difference with the Nikon D90 is that it has a HD video feature as well. I suppose, once i've written it all down, the canon would be the smarter buy for me right?

Anyway, here are the ca
mera's in question:

this is the Canon Rebel XSi (I know! you've seen that before :P)

And this is the Nikon D90 (also, another plus with this camera is the amazing lens it comes with- but i guess i could always just buy another lens for the canon right?)

ah well...i'll figure it out i suppose ^_^
i think it's just the little shopper in me that wants the newer camera...

Peacing it <3

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Vapid Din said...

you're welcome, tabby. I'm pleased to make it more difficult for you to decide what camera you really want...