Friday, January 30, 2009

So it's been a while...

School just slapped me in the face this semester. To the point where i did nothing today really but get up, go to chinese class to do a presentation, and passed out after talking to my buddy on skype :P.
I don't really have much to say today but i feel weird knowing that i haven't really updated this thing....

Last night i think I've been bitten by the spring bug because i've just been longing for some warm weather!!! Honestly, I'm not as creative with my outfits when it gets warmer but, i want that all to change this year! so I have decided that there are some staples that i must have in order to enjoy the spring/summer of 2009 Tabby style:

Now i think that i lean more towards having a more whimmsical/ boho/ hippie/ airy look during the warmer weather- lots of pastels (creams, pale pink, pale green, and the like).
inpirations? (warning: i may be reusing a few of these pictures but hey! it's good to recycle ;D)

so that's kind of a taste to what i'm going towards :P
idk, i think i'm just tired of being so blah when it's warm out and the sun is shining, all that light should inspire me! soooo that means more dresses, and sandles, and skirts and blouses and hats, and scarves, and... (well you get my point =3) has some REALLY cute gladiator sandles that i would just love to own ^_^
when they first came out, i kind of hated these kind of sandles but the look started to grow on me.
i'm also really want a flowy white dress. I kind of like this one here.
I want some nice shorts as well. like i found these cool looking shorts here from uban outfitters but i could probably just make those myself :P (well with my lack of skill you never know...)

alright. so that's just about it...
Peacing It <3

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