Sunday, January 4, 2009

Four days late =3

I know it's a bit late but i still think it's necessary to open up the new year with a new year post ^_^.

I think it's times like these that you start remembering how long a year is. I mean, this time last year i was a senior in high school stressing over my University of Chicago interview, trying not to fail AP Lit. and Comp., and probably trying on my recently bought prom dress (which was purple and amazing!!!)
I mean, just this past June i graduated and just this past summer i went on my one month missions trip to Italy and just this August i attended MSU!

It's crazy how easy it is for time to just slip through your hands. it's kind of scary actually b/c that means it's very possible for me to find myself a 40yr old living in an apartment somewhere sitting in the ki
tchen and thinking about how i wasted those few precious years i had doing absolutely nothing. I think that time passes quicker as you get older. maybe that's why it's easier to remember things that happened to you as a child- things took forever back then. I'd rather it be that way...

The point is, i finally understand why people say that time is a precious thing. It's irreplaceable yet so easy to throw away- I don't think i can consider my first 18 years a waste, i feel like i could have don
e more but not too much more. These few years to come, however, are precious. There's so much to do! i want to love, i want change, i want to experience everything and anything, i want to make a difference and i want to savor every moment of it.

I don't believe in making new year resolutions because i have a bad habit of getting really depressed when i don't live up to my own standards. Not saying i don't have goals, i just don't want to put them in writing because i'm afraid that i might not meet them.

One that i'll write out, because
this is one that i must meet by the end of this year,is i need to make sure that i have my time with God on a daily basis.I know that meeting that goal this year will help me meet many of my other goals as well.

On a lighter no
te- ^_^
I've been doing my rounds on and found some music that i liked:

Little Joy-

I love their album (which is self titled). It's been a long time since i've been satisfied with the variety found in an album. Each song sounds different but you can still tell it's Little Joy

Tom Vek-

I love his song Nothing But Green Lights but apparently he's been on the dl since his first album...there might be another one coming out this year but i don't know, don't ask me :P

Crystal Castles-

I think i would LOVE them if it weren't for the fact that I hear their album like EVERY OTHER DAY at work T_T. But i still really really like them, and even though i kind of wince everytime a track of theirs plays on my shuffle, i can't help but dance to their beat =3. I can't even tell you what my favorite song is from them cause i kind of love them all

(one more :P)
Does it Offend You
, Yeah?

Usually i'm not a big fan of punky techno music but i like them! (haha, that could partialy be b/c of their name...) I think my favorite song from them are We Are Rockstars and With a Heavy Heart

so that concludes my extra long post of the new year! ^_^

Peacing it <3

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