Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas List 2009

I feel so bad for abandoning my blog this semester- but i've been working hard to try and raise my GPA, I hope I have more time next semester to update. Recently I've taken the time to look around- I just realized people in my major work 500x harder than the majority of other students in my university. Why did i pick such a hard major? I should have done something easy like communications.

In other news, I'm no longer working at AA, too many hours. I'm having a little bit of a crisis though- I'm in a style rut. I'm trying not to wear all AA (like it's now the majority of my wardrobe) but i feel like what i end up with is slightly outdated and a little boring. I desperately need to go shopping but i have absolutely no money to do so *hooray unemployment*
but that's enough complaining, as stated above- CHRISTMAS LIST!!! xD

Kimchi Blue T-Strap Skimmer (pink)

An over sized Flannel Shirt

I'm slowly trying to ease into this menswear look

Red Tape Corley Boot (brown)

I Kissed a Pearl Dress

A Macro Lens for the Nikon

I really want to start doing some macro photography- I have this thing for eyes and i've been dying to make it into a project.

That's basically it, there's more but these are the big ones.

To make up for my absence, i'm also going to leave with a game i stumbled on:
my highest score is like a 150, see if you can top that :P


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M.J. said...

Tabitha, I totally know what you mean. I.R. is no joke. And its hard. But I keep telling myself it will be worth it one day. When that one day comes in 20 years, I'll let you know! Good luck this second semester! Love the pearl dress by the way, and your "eye" photography project sounds awesome!!!