Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Awkward Palm Tree!!

So. The title of this post...sorry it's been over a month? School as been so hectic and i've got some extracurricular activities (and of course the shocker of me going to class and doing homework). However, i accidentally did not go to class today- it's a long story but basically i was locked out of the room...lol.
So i decided to take the opportunity to say hai! :D

moving on...

so just to make a quick entry, I've been digging Rain Machine recently- it's the side project of that crazy guy from TV on the Radio (you know...the one with the beard?) and he's amazing!

my favorite song is Winter Song but Smiling Black Faces and Give Blood are pretty good too : )

That's it for now- hopefully it won't be too lo
ng before i post again!


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