Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Enemies of the State

If you have been living under a rock this past week, you would have known that President Barack Obama gave a speech addressing the students of America and the stupid uproar that revolved around it. Though i am majoring in International Relations, i'll admit that i do fall behind on my news every so often- maybe i missed something but can someone tell me why it is that these conservatives americans- not the politicians, but the neighbors, the relatives, the brothers and sisters i go to church with, fight sooo hard against this man? He hasn't even finished his first year in office, what is it that Obama has done so far that is so threatening and evil that some feel the need to act like a wall every time he tries to make a step forward? I'm actually finishing this entry a few days after it says it was made (because blogger is weird like that) but if you listened to the Health Care speech on Wednesday, you would know that one republican congressman had the nerve to even yell out "lies!" in the middle of the address! mix that in with people using 9/11 as a tool to bash their president, the birthers, and of course the infamous tea parties (and things like it)- WHAT in the world has Obama done to receive so much disrespect, insults, and just pure hatred? Don't get me wrong, i do not believe that everyone should love him, you have a problem with our president fine! i respect that! I will do my best to understand your viewpoint, but there is disagreement, and there is disrespect. And the disrespect of one's president is a rebellion of one's president- that's called being a traitor to one's country. What signaled the success of our nation's new government early in our history was the fact that there was a switch in political parties and the federal government wasn't overthrown, though many people didn't like it, they respected the rules put in place and gave the new leader the respect they deserved.

You may be wondering if my current stance was the same when George Bush was still president, and i will say yes it was- even though I think Bush did a lot to screw up our country I still gave him the proper respect he deserved- not because i agreed with him but because i belong to a country who decided to vote him into office, because i respect our democratic system in America, i respect the people's decision to put that man into office- i may not have taken a bullet for him, but i recognized it was my duty as a citizen to respect him. It would be the same thing if John McCain won the election. I would hate it and wonder what kind of country i lived in, but i would NEVER saying that I want him to fail in these 4 years- instead i would hope for the best and do my part to try and find solutions for the matters at hand. Express your concern: that's good, healthy, and encouraged! but just blind hatred, pure malice- that's not part of our constitution and that for sure wasn't what this country was founded on.

That's the democracy i believe in and that's patriotism straight up. What i don't understand is why no one else believes in this? Why people who, all this time, called themselves the 'patriots' the 'lovers of democracy and America' do not hold this same view point. How is it patriotism if your love for your country is fleeting? How can you bleed red,white, and blue when you abandon the principles this nation was founded on the moment you don't get your way? A better question even, how is that not how is that not being a traitor? In my opinion that's even worse than burning a flag.

If you no longer want to stand by American Democracy- get up and leave. I don't need to hear your unconstructive complaining, it helps no one but the political agenda of these oh so 'holy' men you seem to follow without question. If the Antichrist was to pop up, it would probably be from your own self righteous party.

I know i just finished ranting but can someone, and i'm asking honestly now, tell me what it is that Obama has done to deserve, and be met with, so much hatred? but also, Is that which he has done so much worse that he deserves to get even more ill treatment than Bush did? Clinton did? Nixon did???

Someone needs to open my eyes or something because right now i have no other excuse for these people except to say they are racist unpartiotic traitors that should be treated as enemies of the state. That means you Rush Limbaugh.

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