Saturday, July 4, 2009

Don't Tread On Me-

Happy Fourth of July!!! :D

I know, it's been ages-AGES
I've been so busy this summer it's ridiculous. The sad part is, It's not like i'm even doing anything exciting or too important. Studying for my econ courses have taken up most of my social life and Church activities take up the rest of my time- not like i mind the church stuff, i get to hang out with people i love, i just don't seem to have any 'Tabby time' anymore and less Tabby time means less blogging time yes?

Good news, i passed macroeconomics with an 83% despite falling ill with the flu (no i do not know if it was the swine) and my macro professor flaking out on me when it was time to take my make up exam (what a joker...). Bad news, i still need to pass microeconomics and that's the course i failed my first semester so we'll see how that goes... >.>

Lots to talk about! first, I did a very dangerous thing this past thursday- i went to Barnes and Nobles. This lead to me buying another book to add to my collection of book i need to read.
In fact here's a list of all the boo
ks i have bought and have not opened yet:
The Gum Thief by Douglass Co
The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner (which i'll prolly never get to, i hate Faulkner why did i get this book?)
The Return of the Shadow by JRR Tolkien (which i was going to read after finishing the trilogy...which i havent yet... >.>)
Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe
John Adams by David McCullough
and Genghis Khan: and the making of the modern world by Jack Weatherford

This list doesn't include the books that i've bought but cannot find at the moment nor books that i've read at least the first chapter of and never finished- which is an infinitely long list by itself T_T

The book that i have added to my unread collection is In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan.
I am hoping to break this habit now with this book, then work my way back from there...

I've always been a firm believer of eating real food, not 'food science' but, lets face it, the less your food is tampered with, the more expensive it becomes...which is lame. I'll read it anyway though, and if it's persuasive enough i might have my mother read it too, maybe she'll change some of her beliefs : )

Second on the list of things to talk about, I've finally found a band that i'm excited for, They are Twin Berlin

I decided i REALLY like they're style- I can't wait for their first full album. Hopefully it won't be a disapointment like the Ting Tings (i was sooo excited for their first album too but the only good songs they had were the ones that they had out already...)

Anyways, that's just about all i wanted to share at the moment...hopefully it won't take me a month to write on here again : )

Peacing It <3>

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