Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Last Roll of Film

I've been bombarding this thing with pictures lately :)

My last roll of film- i think that they turned out nice but i know that if i had a darkroom, some photo paper, and lots of time to waste i would be able to make better prints than the ones CVS did. PLUS i ordered a CD to go along with it and the pictures look waaay better on the prints and i don't know how to save some of the other pics and i really wished i had my DSLR for some of the pics that i took but didn't turn out and....

w/e here are the better of the lot:

The Last bit of Snow

Bubble Tea :D


Don't Lose your Shadow : )

ugh! see that bright spot on my foot??? whyyyy is that there? This picture should have been waaay cooler and brighter than it really is... (ALL of them should actually!!!)

Recycle. Cardboard.

Cheeeeeze ^_^

Well i wish i could update you on other things but i really should be going- i have a review that i need to go to (like i never went to the class!!! O.O) and this blog entery is distracting me form my studies (which is why i'm blogging the week before finals :P)

Peacing It <3>

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