Thursday, April 2, 2009

Eco-Friendly :D

So you know what's lame?
Recently, i decided that i want to end up with a career in environmental law (it was either that or just international law) and be apart of the political and judicial fight against international environmental injustice and degradation and whatever (ok, so that part isn't the lame part). so i decided that i would try to get myself involved in Greenpeace and see if i can become active in my own community this summer (like it's the end of the school year). BUT stupid Greenpeace USA is such a piece of CRAP that i can't navigate myself to anything useful! i always seem to end up on the same pages or to freaking Greenpeace Canada or SOMEWHERE THAT I DONT NEED TO BE (that was the lame part).

But in the spirit of my unsuccessful
search to become more active in the fight against environmental abuse, i decided to put up some eco-friendly stuffs that i've had my eye on :)

I just bought a dress from this online store called Ruche and i noticed that they had an eco-friendly section soooo i picked my faves :P -

Oh and btw ur gonna have to use ur imagination when looking at their clothing- they look cuter on a person :P

This one wasn't in the eco-friendly section but in the handmade section which i still deem to be sustainable :)

I also stumbled upon this website called which had a lot of sustainable designers and their items there (plus a little blurb for each designer which was helpful! :D) so here's what i found from there:

Nahui Ollin is a collection of unique and fashionable handbags and accessories made from recycled materials. All merchandise is entirely hand-made by specially folding and weaving individual candy wrappers, gum wrappers and soda bottle labels--together to create the various beautiful shapes and sizes of the Nahui Ollin Handbag and accessory Collection."

there's actually a butt load of stuff on the site- but this is one of the few things that really caught my eye. just click on the l
ink to view more stuffs :P

Finally, like i have this delema of wanting to be more outdoors-like yet hating nature, i can't help but be drawn to this compost mixer thing that one could even put right in their kitchen- IT'S LIKE COMPOSTING FOR DUMMIES!!! xD

I saw this thing on a HGTV special about green living- it occured to me that getting this would give my mother no excuse for throwing away bio-degreadables and my father no excuse for buying pesticide rich fertalizer :P

And just as a side note- all these things are well and good (just like going vegan or using stairs or biking everywhere) but it has become more obvious that 'going green' on a personal level is not going to do much good for the planet- what would really make a difference is becomeing more involved in ur local communities, our nation, and even the global community in the fight for sustainability. It's too late to "go green" as individuals, the stress that we put our planet in forces us to start acting within the big picture now.

and on another side note- Don't think that i'm one of those "Save mother nature" kind of people. My support of sustainable living goes along with my desire to help people. I feel like if we make an effort to become more sustainable on an international level, we solve many of the problems that face developing countires like environmental injustices, natural resource degredation, water pollution, etc.

ok i'm done with my rant :P
Peacing It <3>

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